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Heather Caiazzo
LMFT, Clinical Manager
(530) 283-3960
Ext. 859
Samantha Abbott,
Enrollment Specialist
(530) 283-3960
Ext. 860
Jenna Artaz
LMFT, Therapist
(530) 283-3960
Ext. 857

PRS Counseling Group offers a variety of adult and children’s
mental health services on an out-patient basis.
This service accepts private payments.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are also accepted along with cash and check payments.

New client or questions?

Please call (530)283-3960 ext.858

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"Uncovering 8 Signs of Perfectly Hidden Depression"

By: Jeff Hayward

"When you think of someone who has depression, you probably think of someone who sits alone in a quiet room, speaks very little socially, or is generally sad even when a situation calls for joy. However, there is a whole other group of people who may have depression that are flying under the radar. This syndrome, as it’s referred to, may feel like depression to the sufferer, but may not be as obvious to the casual observer. The person with Perfectly Hidden Depression may have developed coping mechanisms to help them blend in with the rest of society, but they are still suffering under the surface…"
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