Plumas Rural Services
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Quincy, CA 95971

Leslie Wall, Coordinator
(530) 283-3611 Ext. *818
Community Connections


February, 2018
"Our Momentum Continues"
January, 2018
"National Service Starts at Home"
October/November, 2017
"What Happened in Ocotober?"
September, 2017
August, 2017
"Happy Birthday to Community Connections!"
July, 2017
"The Dream Team"
June, 2017
"The Advisory Council Team"
May, 2017
"Thank you!"
April, 2017
"JUNIORS TO SENIORS...Everyone Matters!"
March, 2017
"The Sound of Silence"
February, 2017
January, 2017
"Thanksgiving Continues"
December, 2016
"Appreciation Brunch 2016"
October, 2016
"Building Blocks that Connect the Community Appreciation Brunch"
September, 2016
"Old Fashioned Family Picnic"
August, 2016
"Artistic Expression"
July, 2016
"Celebration Time!"
June, 2016
"It's Sort of a Cross Between..."
May, 2016
"Momentum Takes Teamwork"
April, 2016
"Celebrating National Volunteer Week"
March, 2016
"A Legacy of Volunteering"
February, 2016
"Looking for something a little different?"
December, 2015
"A Season of Giving"
November, 2015
"Thankful in Seattle"
October, 2015
"What's in your Pocket?"
September, 2015
"Your Official Invitation…"
August, 2015
"Changing Your Perspective Changes Your Experience…"
July, 2015
"Questions? The Answer is at Your Fingertips!"
June, 2015
"The Ripple Effect"
May, 2015
"Bigger, Better, More..."
April, 2015
"A Pocket Full of Posies or..."
March, 2015
"Let's Get Connected!"
February, 2015
"Balance is Beautiful"
January, 2015
"Check-up Time!"
November, 2014
"It only takes a spark to get a fire going..."
October, 2014
September, 2014
"Speaking of Celebrating"
August, 2014
"Speaking of Money"
July, 2014
"Collaborative Efforts"
June, 2014
"The Hamster Wheel of Life"
May, 2014
"Swap Meet & Eat"
April, 2014
"We Are Humming Now"
March, 2014
February, 2014
"Law of Motion"
December, 2013
"Community Connections Goes to St. Louis!"
November, 2013
"The Art of Giving"
October, 2013
"A Roomful of Smiles"
September, 2013
"Member Appreciation Brunch and SWAP MEET!"
August, 2013
"Member Appreciation Brunch and SWAP MEET!"
July, 2013
"SWAT Teams(Serving, Working, Achieving, Together)"
June, 2013
"SWAT Teams(Serving, Working, Achieving, Together)"
May, 2013
"SWAT Teams(Serving, Working, Achieving, Together)"
April, 2013
"Members Were All Smiles"
March, 2013
February, 2013
"Looking Forward to Spring?"
December, 2012
"Celebrate...A Season of Giving"
November, 2012
"Our Grandest Event Ever"
October, 2012
"Member Appreciation Brunch"
September, 2012
"From Catastrophe to Community"
August, 2012
"Summer...What Could Be More Fun?"
July, 2012
"Freedom To Change"
June, 2012
"Round of Applause Please!"
May, 2012
"Quincy Community Supper"
April, 2012
"In The News"
March, 2012
"Celebrate Spring!"
February, 2012
"It Was Nothing"
January, 2012
"Happy New Year!"
December, 2011
"Giving Thanks"
November, 2011
"Members Enjoyed Food, Friends, and Fun..."
October, 2011
"Member Swap Meet 'N' Eat"
September, 2011
"Can You Smell It?"