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  • About Our Program
  • If You Are Living With Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Services offers a safe shelter in a confidential location to victims and their children who are escaping an abusive relationship and lifestyle. Our service can provide emergency food, clothing and transportation. Domestic Violence Services offers counseling for victims and children, legal assistance and restraining orders, court accompaniment, assistance in housing and employment searches.

Domestic Violence Services serves Plumas and Sierra Counties. The main office is located at 711 Main St., Quincy.

You Are Not Alone

PRS Domestic Violence staff can be reached at 530-283-5675, Monday through Friday (except holidays). If you are in need of assistance with a domestic violence emergency, please call 911 immediately. Further after-hours assistance can be found by contacting the Plumas-Sierra Crisis Line at 1-877-332-2754.

Be mindful that it is not your fault. You and yours deserve a life free of emotional, psychological, financial and physical abuse.

Please understand that your abuser will become more abusive and more possibly more violent over time.

You cannot change him/her. You can only change yourself.

Create a code word and share this word with a neighbor, family member or trusted friend so that if you are at risk, they can call 911.

Create an escape plan for you and your children.

Create a safety plan. What are the steps you need to take to stay safe?

Put important documents, such as birth certificates, medical cards, medications, and personal essentials in an overnight bag and keep it in a safe place.

Teach your children the code word and how to use the phone to call 911.

~ We can help ~

We offer confidential services such as safety planning, counseling, referrals, restraining orders and emergency “temporary” safe shelter.

Toll free 1-877-332-2754 or call 911