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Leslie Wall

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Plumas Rural Services offers 8-week Nurturing Parenting classes in every community of the county throughout the year. The Nurturing Parenting program is recognized by the National Registry of Effective Programs and multiple federal and non-governmental agencies for its effectiveness in promoting strong families. The Instructor, Leslie Wall is a Certified Family Teacher and Nurturing Parenting Facilitator with over 20 years of experience working with families.
During the 8-week course, parents will learn the ages and stages of growth in children; ways to enhance positive brain development; how to communicate with respect and build self-worth; how to understand and develop family morals, values, and rules; how to praise children and use positive discipline to achieve positive behaviors; and strategies for dealing with personal challenges like stress, anger, drugs, alcohol, and domestic violence. The classes include videos, parent resource guides, and open discussions providing support, encouragement, and guidance.

The Nurturing Parenting classes are FREE and appropriate for all parents both mandated and voluntary, grandparents, teachers, foster parents, and CASA volunteers.  Each series is tailored to the unique needs and ages of children of those attending.  The classes are a safe and confidential place to share challenges and learn from the experiences of others. 

To ensure confidentiality and encourage open sharing, each session will be closed to new attendees after the first week.  An Attendance Certificate will be issued for everyone who attends the entire 8-week course.


Classes are offered in Quincy, Portola, Greenville, and Chester. Space is limited and classes are closed after the first session begins. Child care is available during the classes, with advance registration and a minimum of one week notice. To learn more about the Nurturing Parenting classes and when they are scheduled in your area, please click here for our flyer.  Feel free to print or email this flyer to anyone you think may benefit from this class.

To pre-register for the next session, please call Plumas Rural Services at 283-2735.