Plumas Rural Services


711 East Main Street
Quincy, CA 95971


Katy Dyrr,
Registered Dietitian
& Coordinator
Pam Nixon,
Program Asst., IV/WNA
Carmen Lopez,
Nutrition Educator
Debbie Jones,
Program Asst. II


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Women, Infants & Children (WIC) provides vouchers for supplemental foods, nutrition education and breast feeding support for low/moderate income families. WIC serves pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, and families with children from birth to age five. (This includes fathers, grandparents, guardians and foster parents.)
Referrals are provided for family health care and immunization. The main office is located at 711 East Main St., Quincy.
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"Iron is a mineral needed for healthy blood and..."
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"Get On the Whole Grain Train" (October, 2015)
"Whole grains contain the entire grain kernel: the bran, germ and..."
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"Kids need breakfast to feed their growing bodies and developing brains."
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"Eating Right for the Holidays"
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"Why Water?" (August, 2014)
"Watch your child For these signs of dehydration"
"Healthy Beverages" (July, 2014)
"Water is important!"
"Snack Attack" (May-June, 2014)
"Snacks play an important role in daily nutrition,..."
"Smart snacking is good for your whole family!" (March, 2014)
"Most children like snacks. Think of snacks as mini-meals..."
"Stress Free Mealtimes" (February, 2014)
"As a parent, your role in your child's eating should be fairly..."
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"If a child gets tired and cranky before a meal,..."
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"A food jag is when a child will only eat one..."
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"Foods high in vitamin C help your body use iron better..."
"Reduce the Risk of Anemia" (November, 2013)
"Your body absorbs more iron from meat than it does..."
"Anemia and Your Family" (October, 2013)
"To stay strong and healthy you need adequate iron in your blood..."
"Better Beverages" (September, 2013)
"Better Choices: Choose water in between meals;..."
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"For a quick, low fat milkshare:..."
"Healthy Beverages" (July, 2013)
Water is important!
"Use WIC Checks for a Healthy Breakfast" (June, 2013)
These are Yummy! Smotthie: Blend low fat yogurt...
"Smart Shopping" (May, 2013)
Don't let your WIC Checks Expire
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Plan Meals
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Healthy winter recipes.
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"People skip breakfast because of the rush to get up and out..."
"Start Your Day The Right Way" (September, 2012)
"Start the night before by planning a menu and doing the prep work..."
"Got The Munchies?" (June, 2012)
"Children have small tummies and need to have snacks a couple of times a day."
"Farmers' Market" (June, 2012)
"Why go to Farmers' Market? Learn about produce and try different vegetables and fruits. It provides fun,..."
"Fruits and Veggies" (May, 2012)
"What's in Season? Use fruits and vegetables that are in season."
"Fantastic Fruit" (April, 2012)
"Eat More Fruit. Fruit is naturally low in fat, calories, and sodium so it makes a good choice for a snack."
"Dinner On A Budget" (March, 2012)
"In order to save money when creating your main meal, consider using alternate sources of protein..."